Winter Off-Season: The Best Time for Services, Tank Repairs and Fabrications

Winter Off-Season: The Best Time for Services, Tank Repairs and Fabrications

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Here at Blue Line Transportation Co., we are committed to getting you on the road and staying there. We know with all the work you need to get done next season, you need your vehicles and equipment to be at its best in order to get projects done.

Truck Services

– Timely truck servicing
– Brake repair and Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) diagnostics
– Transmission and clutch repair as well as installation
– Differential repair and installation, both heavy and light repairs
– Suspension repair
– Cooling and heating system repair
– Hydraulic installation repair
– Power Take-Off (PTO) repair and installation
– Pump or blower repair and installation
– Electrical repair
– Diagnostic equipment for your vehicle on hand
– Asphalt spreader repair and installation (in which we specialize)
– Available Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections

Tank and Trailer Repair and Fabrication

– VIKP testing facility
– ASME “R” stamp (required for repairs or fabrications)
– MC306/406 DOT tanker repair to ensure safety
– Pneumatic and hydraulic valve repair
– Jacket head and sheet repair and replacement
– Fender and bracket repair and replacement
– Crack detection and repair
– Plumbing repair and fabrication
– Subframe repair
– Custom fabrication

Tank Cleaning

– We can wash your tanks so they’re ready to transport your next substances.
– We do refined tank purging to reduce any existing oxygen or hydrocarbon gas content.
– We can remove that pesky internal and external asphalt or residual emulsion that has gotten on or in your equipment.

Repairing or preparing your equipment is vital for it to last for many years to come. We are available to go over all the necessary checks to make sure you are ready to go and be prepared for the busy season. Not only will you be ready to go, but you won’t have to stop for unnecessary repairs or broken equipment, slowing down your operation or causing increased costs.

If you need full service and maintenance done, you can rely on Blue Line Transportation Co. to get the job done with our wide variety of services. Give us a call at 503-279-2600 today to schedule your repairs and maintenance. Our office in Portland, Oregon, will be happy to help!