Blue Line Transportation Co.’s sister company, EnviRoad®, manufactures two environmentally friendly and efficient base stabilization products that Blue Line Transportation Co. can ship and deliver to your location or job site.

EnviRoad® Base Stabilizer
Road engineers have long recognized the long-term benefits associated with increasing the strength and durability of a road utilizing a soil stabilizer.

EnviRoad® manufactures two quality, innovative soil/base stabilizers known as Earthbind® Stabilizer and Earthbind® Prime Coat. These products are used when mechanical methods of stabilization are inadequate and replacing an undesirable soil with a desirable aggregate is not possible or too costly. In addition to increasing the strength and durability of a road base, our soil/base stabilizers will also control erosion and fugitive dust.

To learn more about base stabilization and to place your order, please contact us today.