Blue Line Transportation is a third-generation, family-owned business. Transportation of bulk commodities was our primary business for many years. We hauled liquid and dry fertilizers, pumice, molasses and asphalt to name a few. Throughout the years, we have diversified as opportunities presented themselves, while always keeping our focus on excellent customer service.
Today, we still have the ability to haul those same products, but our focus has narrowed to quality emulsions, liquid asphalt and refined products such as gas, diesel and jet fuel. One significant change to our operation has been the addition of an asphalt emulsion manufacturing facility to better serve our customers and control quality.
Blue Line’s manufacturing facility was built from the ground up in 2010. We did not attempt to copy other emulsion manufacturing facilities. We designed and built our system with an emphasis on versatility and consistency. We wanted to meet our customer’s individual road project needs and we knew we needed the ability to make adjustments to do so. With our state-of-the-art mill, we are able to do Custom Mix Design to meet requirements of any road project variable.
For years, we have taken pride in providing reliable transportation services. Quality emulsions are now part of our resume as well. Blue Line primarily serves the Pacific Northwest; however, our road dust control and stabilization products can be shipped nationwide and overseas.

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