Fuel Transportation

Blue Line Transportation Co. operates a fleet of refined tanker units under its wholly owned subsidiary, Cascade Petroleum Transportation, Inc. Since 2001, Cascade has been delivering gas, diesel, jet fuel, AV-Gas and light oils to customers throughout the Northwest. Our relationships with fuel suppliers and our storage capabilities give us a competitive advantage when fuel prices start to rise. Our 24-hour, 7-day a week dispatch will ensure your fuel is delivered when you need it. Let us quote your fuel needs today!
At Blue Line Transportation Co., we transport gas and diesel as well as jet fuel and AV-Gas. Our equipment is dedicated by fuel grade to ensure no cross-contamination from other grades. Gas and diesel are used for road vehicles. Jet fuel and AV-Gas are high-grade gases that can go into airplanes and jets. We are proud to transport the fuel you need, where you need it, when you need it. We offer excellent customer service and will work with you and your schedule to ensure that our products reach you in a timely and convenient manner.
We welcome you to contact us today by calling or emailing us at Blue Line Transportation Co. in Portland, Oregon, to learn more about gas transportation and to place your next order.

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