Bulk Transportation

Blue Line Transportation Co. and its subsidiary, Cascade Petroleum Transportation, are bulk liquid common and contract carriers. We typically provide transportation services in the Pacific Northwest, but we are willing to go wherever our customers need us. Our asphalt fleet is capable of hauling 35-ton loads in insulated tanker equipment, while our refined tanker fleet can haul loads in excess of 10,000 gallons. Blue Line Transportation Co.’s fleet is based out of Portland, Oregon. Cascade’s fleet is located in both Portland and Albany, Oregon.

Blue Line Transportation Co. operates multiple distributor trucks. All of our distributor trucks are equipped with Bearcat Computerized Rate Control systems (CRC) that guarantee accurate application rates of asphalt and dust-control products. Our distributor trucks are also equipped with heaters that keep the product at the correct temperature for the given application.

We pride ourselves on delivering products to our clients quickly. You can count on us to haul your product to you when you need it. We will even go so far as to rearrange our schedule when needed. We are committed to providing our customers with the products and transportation they need.

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