Blue Line Transportation Co. has been transporting asphalt products around the Northwest for over 40 years. In 2010, we expanded our manufacturing plant to include asphalt emulsions and cold mix asphalt. Asphalt emulsion is a liquid asphalt that is suspended in water. When the water evaporates, the asphalt hardens in place. We also manufacture hot mix chip seal asphalts and many other common grades of asphalt. Different paving grades can be designed to handle different loads, from heavy trucks to cars. Some of the more common asphalts we can supply are:

Fog SealTackChip SealSlurry/MicroAlternative PavingBL ProductsBase StabilizationPrime Coat
CSS-1CSS-1CRS-2CQSPothole PatchBL-FogMC30Earthbind® Prime Coat
CSS-1HCSS-1HCRS-2PMSEAmbient Mix AsphaltBL-3PMC70
CSS-1H DiluteCRS-1HCRS-3PMicroCoat®Earthbind® Stabilizer

We can supply, deliver and apply according to your unique needs. Our loading facility is conveniently located at our terminal in Portland, Oregon, one mile west of I-5, just north of Columbia Blvd.

Polymer Modified Rejuvenating Emulsion-PMRE

PMRE is used in scrub seal application where you need and want to apply a rejuvenating emulsion to a highly oxidized surface while filling some of the surface crack with an emulsion that can stay in the cracks and to keep moisture from penetrating those cracks. PMRE is applied in a scrub seal process in which the emulsion is sprayed on the road surface and then scrub with a broom into the cracks in the roadway. These emulsions then function to be elastic and add a rejuvenating process to the old oxidized surface.

High Performance Tack Coat- HPTC

HPTC is a tack coat product designed and developed to be used in the traditional tack coat market but with higher performance than the current tack coat products. HPTC is a non-tracking tack coat designed with conventional overlays in mind. The material can be applied in cooler weather and at night and still break within 15 to 30 minutes. This allows the contractor to start paving sooner with less cleanup of equipment at the end of the day. The emulsion is applied in its manufactured form with no dilution required.

MicroCoat® Specialty Road Coating

Introducing our new MicroCoat® product line, which provides the performance of a Micro Seal for sealcoating contractors. MicroCoat® was custom designed in our state-of-the-art Laboratory in Portland Oregon, specifically for the Northwest.

MicroCoat® is a specialty coating, designed for road surfaces that have deteriorated over years of use. MicroCoat® delivers excellent cost savings, compared to commonly used surface treatments, as well as beautifying and preserving the existing asphalt. MicroCoat® is a Polymer Modified Emulsion, specially formulated with the Pacific Northwest in mind. Our ISO certified process generates a finished product that is second to none in the Industry.


  • Saves money by extending the life of a deteriorating asphalt road
  • Improves aesthetics while it protects – Dries to a rich dark color that enhances the value of the property
  • Snow removal becomes easier and traffic markings last longer
  • Provides a durable road surface and increases traction
  • Can be customized for your surface needs
  • Minimizes road closures since it cures in a fraction of the time of conventional sealers
  • Superior Flexibility – Ability to bridge minor surface (non-working) cracks in the pavement to decrease water penetration and extend the life of asphalt surfaces
  • Resistant to re-emulsification in the presence of de-icing salts

We also offer a unique MicroCoat® product for bike paths and crosswalks. We add colorant to our premium road coating materials to improve visibility and safety of bike and pedestrian lanes. MicroCoat® is an asphalt-based material and is colored throughout reducing de-lamination that can happen with paint. It is also a cost-effective and long-lasting option.

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Custom Mix Design

There are many factors to consider when building a successful road or parking lot. Traffic load, typical weather conditions, soil type, aggregate, moisture content and cleanliness of the aggregate can all affect the finished product. Blue Line Transportation Co. has the capability to analyze these factors and customize a product that will meet your specific needs.

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