Earthbind® Prime Coat

Earthbind® Prime Coat is a quality, versatile and environmentally friendly penetrating prime cure. Earthbind® Prime Coat can be safely stored and easily applied and was developed as an alternative for the traditional, unsafe asphalt cutback.

Earthbind® Prime is formulated with eco-friendly biopolymers and surfactants and does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

As a penetrating prime cure, Earthbind® Prime Coat works by binding loose soil or aggregate particles together, thus strengthening the soil and aggregate matrix and preventing even the smallest particles from becoming airborne as fugitive dust. In addition, Earthbind® Prime Coat will add water resistance to the treated soil particles and will not re-solubilize in rainwater after curing.

Earthbind® Prime Coat is sold and transported in a concentrate and is diluted in water prior to application.

As a penetrating prime cure, Earthbind® Prime Coat:

  • Protects the underlying road base layers from moisture by providing a waterproofing layer
  • Efficiently binds surface fines together and promotes bonding to a hot mixed asphalt layer
  • Effectively penetrates the road base
  • Applies quickly without road closures using a water truck or pressurized distributor truck
  • Easily washes off of equipment and vehicles before curing

All components of Earthbind® are considered:

  • Free of VOCs
  • Free of hazardous solvents
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-corrosive to metal
  • Non-hazardous waste
  • Not considered to be harmful to aquatic and mammal life
  • Not considered to be carcinogenic

Earthbind® Prime Coat can be shipped via the following methods throughout the U.S., Canada and internationally:

  • Bulk Tanker Trucks
  • Rail Cars
  • Flexitanks
  • IBC Totes – 275 or 330 gallon

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