Using Asphalt Emulsion as a Pavement Sealer

Using Asphalt Emulsion as a Pavement Sealer

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As time goes on even a high-quality area of pavement can suffer cracks and damage. This is often related to seasonal changes in local weather and temperature. With some older roads, it could also be related to subsoil changes in the stability of previously developed roadbed.

In many of these instances, milling or replacing the affected area of pavement simply isn’t cost effective. However, sealing the pavement can help restore the structural integrity of the area without exorbitant cost.

Here at Blue Line Transportation Company headquartered in Portland, Oregon, we can provide asphalt emulsion to help seal paved surfaces throughout the Pacific Northwest. It is essentially liquid asphalt that has been suspended in water along with a specially formulated emulsifying agent. Once it has been applied to the affected paved surface, the water will gradually evaporate leaving a durable layer of asphalt behind.

Blue Line’s distribution trucks are equipped with a Bearcat Computerized Rate Control systems as well as special heaters that keep the material at the target temperature for the specific application. This helps to ensure the asphalt emulsifier is applied in an even coat at the correct temperature.

If you are looking for a pavement sealing material to help address a cracked or compromised surface, you should call our office at 503-279-2600 to speak to one of the representatives at our headquarters in Portland, Oregon, today!