Tank Trailer Cleaning and Repair Can Help Operation Flow

Tank Trailer Cleaning and Repair Can Help Operation Flow

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Counties, cities, municipalities and private contractors rely on their tankers when the summer season hits to haul asphalt emulsions and dust control fluids. With many of these substances, impurities can alter their long-term effectiveness. A tank trailer that was once used for calcium or magnesium chloride might still have trace amounts, creating an opportunity to contaminate other emulsions that may need to be hauled to a job site.

Rather than relegating the tanker to sit empty, you could have Blue Line Transportation Company’s technicians perform a thorough tank cleaning. Our professional tools and techniques can completely purge the tank trailer and remove all traces of the previous substance.

We can also help with tank trailer maintenance or repair. This includes issues like pneumatic repair, jacket head, sheet repair, as well as fender and bracket repair or replacement. We can also help with sub-frame and plumbing repairs.

Cracks and damaged seals on a storage tank can also pose any number of problems. Not only can it cause a loss of material, but the leakage could cause excess fees and fines related to environmental cleanup. Our technicians can help detect cracks and repair them to minimize the problem and help maintain the integrity of existing older storage tanks.

If you need a tank trailer cleaned or repaired, you should call 503-279-2600 to speak to a representative at Blue Line Transportation Company’s main office in Portland, Oregon.