Tank Cleaning Helps Prepare for Winter or Get Ready for Spring

Tank Cleaning Helps Prepare for Winter or Get Ready for Spring

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Throughout the Pacific Northwest road construction companies, municipal systems, mines and gravel pits rely on bulk storage tanks to hold a variety of products. As the peak season of summer wears on these tanks might be used to hold fuel, dust control measures, and asphalt products as well as other industrial materials.

Here at Blue Line Transportation Company in Portland, Oregon, our scope of service includes providing fuels and asphalt materials as well as helping with tank cleaning and repair. This gives us an intimate understanding of the value of cleaning, purging and maintaining bulk storage tanks.

Our bulk transport tanker trucks come with special heating units to ensure that your asphalt products are maintained at the ideal temperature. With our fuel distribution trucks, we dedicate specific tanks to only hold a specific grade of gasoline, diesel or AV gas. During peak season your storage tanks are gradually emptied and refilled to meet demand.

In time small amounts of debris and lingering material can start to build up in your storage tanks. If it’s not addressed at the end of the season or by the beginning of the next season, these impurities can be transferred to your fuels or asphalt products.

Tank washing and purging is something that we can assist you with. Our services also include repair services. Pumps and pipes that have suffered excess wear and tear or need to be replaced can be handled efficiently. Our services can also help detect and repair cracks as well as deformations before they develop into a serious problem.

Our technicians can also help with internal and external asphalt removal. When necessary, we can also help with residual emulsion removal.

Our tank and trailer repair services can also help with VIKP testing, pneumatic repair and ASME “R” stamp. If needed, we can also perform jacket head sheet repair and replacement.

Blue Line Transports technicians can also help you with seasonal maintenance and repair or your trucks, vehicles and trailers. Where it’s necessary we can help with simple things like truck servicing and diagnostics or perform a major repair. We can also test and maintain your hydraulic equipment to make sure everything is in proper working order.

If you have tanks or tankers that need seasonal repair or spring preparation, you should call 503-279-2600 to speak to a representative at Blue Line Transportation Company.