Summertime Dust Control

Summertime Dust Control

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Summer is here and the dry weather is great for being outdoors and going on road trips. But all this sunshine bring the challenge of controlling dust on unpaved surfaces. Fortunately, Blue Line Road Products has a variety of dust control solutions for virtually application.

Dust control becomes more of an issue in the dryer summer months. Less rain means less moisture inherent in the road material to bind small particles together. Fugitive dust that is generated then leads to the deterioration of the road surface and sediment run-off. Not only is road dust annoying, but it can potentially have health implications and damage vehicles, crops and farm equipment.

We have worked extensively with industrial, residential, governmental, agricultural, and mining clients. So we know what people have come to expect with their dust control products. The products we offer, including our Earthbind® line, offer superior dust control while minimally impacting the environment.

Environmental responsibility is more important than ever, especially in rural areas. Run-off from unpaved roads can introduce substances used to treat them into the local environment, potentially damaging plant and animal life. By using Earthbind, you will be able to not only control dust during the busy summer season, but also rest easy knowing you will not negatively impact the environment.

To learn more about the various dust control options available through Blue Line Road Products, please call our road experts at 503-279-2600.