Repair Damaged Roads With Mill and Fill and MicroCoat

Repair Damaged Roads With Mill and Fill and MicroCoat

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Preserving pavement is necessary for long-lasting roads that don’t require costly repairs in the future. With regular mill-and-fill treatments, the lifecycle of your roads will last much longer than if just left to deteriorate. Blue Line Transportation Company provides the needed asphalt products and transportation of this inventory throughout the counties and private properties of Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Mill and fill entails removing the top surface layer (sometimes the entire asphalt thickness) using a milling machine, storing it in a facility. Then new asphalt is placed, restoring it to basically new! It can sometimes cost a little more than just the average chip and seal repair, but mill and fill provides longer-lasting results. It takes an average of a few days to several weeks depending on the width and length of the roads. Also take into account road conditions, weather, closures and detours.

One product we provide that acts as a sealer is the Earthbind® Rejuvenating Bonding Coat. This bonding material is environmentally-friendly, versatile and helps bind particles to soil and other loose fragments. This reduces dust while working (providing safer viewing and working conditions) and doesn’t stick to equipment.

By understanding the benefits of pavement preservation, you will not only save your roads but money in your pocket. Not to mention, mill and fill can add 10-12 years onto your road’s longevity. If you are in the Pacific Northwest and are looking for the materials needed for road maintenance and the transport needed to get them to your location, give Blue Line a call. You can contact us at 503-279-2600 and speak with our team about which products will work best for your road projects. We are located here in Portland, Oregon, and we look forward to helping you today!