Problems With Winter Snow and Ice Can Be Minimized by Anti-Icer

Problems With Winter Snow and Ice Can Be Minimized by Anti-Icer

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Every year the axis of the Earth tilts slightly to alter the angle of the sun’s light while also limiting the amount of sunlight that reaches the Northern Hemisphere. As cold winds and autumnal changes sweep the land many businesses and communities brace for inevitable winter weather.

In more northern climes this often means winter storms rife with freezing rain, ice and snow which can prove extremely hazardous for vehicles and pedestrians. Something as seemingly small as an employee parking lot or overpass that has been coated by a sheet of nearly invisible glare ice can cause a major problem.

While scattering halite, which is also known as rock salt, on a surface might help melt some of the ice, it is often inefficient and in certain cold conditions, it can be ineffective. Excess rock salt can also contribute to visibility issues from road spray and can also promote corrosion on vehicles.

Here at Blue Line Transportation Company, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, we are proud to offer an efficient and effective solution to the problem of winter ice and snow. Our Anti-Icer is specially formulated from magnesium chloride along with special organic polymers to effectively address ice on paved surfaces with little corrosive impact on the area. It is designed to be environmentally safe, easy to handle and simple to apply.

Blue Line’s Anti-Icer can be used directly from the container or diluted in solution to a ratio appropriate for the surface conditions. Hotels, hospitals, parking lots and many municipalities frequently use it to reduce ice and snow on roads and other paved surfaces, including steps as well as other locations where safety is critical.

It can be mixed in a garden sprayer to protect a sidewalk or in larger volume application vehicles. As a winter storm is approaching you can apply Anti-Icer to prepare a paved surface at a ratio of half a gallon per 1,500 square feet.

Large winter storms that last for a long time or deposit large amounts of ice and snow may require a stronger concentration. Periodically applying Anti-Icer at a ratio of two gallons for every 1,500 square feet can help reduce significant ice and can also potentially reduce up to two inches of accumulated snow.

If you have a business, institution or paved municipal surface in need of effective deicing methods this winter, you should call 503-279-2600 to learn more about Blue line Transport’s Anti-Icer.