Mill and Fill and Chip Seal Paving Systems

Mill and Fill and Chip Seal Paving Systems

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Older paved surfaces that have suffered excess damage, or degradation from seasonal weather and traffic wear, often need to be repaved to some degree. In many of these situations, the underlying roadbed may still be structurally sound, making mill and fill or chip seal paving a cost-efficient option.

Here at Blue Line Transportation Company headquartered in Portland, Oregon, we are proud to provide asphalt products to road construction companies throughout the Pacific Northwest. For mill and fill and chip seal paving systems we offer our Earthbind® Rejuvenating Bonding Coat as a versatile and environmentally friendly penetrating bonding coat emulsion.

Also known as Earthbind RBC, it is created from eco-friendly biopolymers and surfactants and does not contain any volatile organic compound. It helps to bind milled aggregate particles with soil and loose particles present in the prepared roadbed to create optimal conditions for applying new asphalt. It cures quickly to reduce dust buildup and does not easily adhere to equipment.

Earthbind RBC can be very beneficial for projects with hard to clean surfaces that need to be tack coated. It can help adhere chip seal, slurry seal and parking lot sealer as well as new overlay asphalt.

If you have a mill and fill or chip seal paving project in the Pacific Northwest and you need quality asphalt products, you should call at 503-279-2600 to speak to a representative at Blue Line Transportation Company’s home office in Portland, Oregon.