MicroCoat™ Can Improve Visibility on Bike Paths and Pedestrian Lanes

MicroCoat™ Can Improve Visibility on Bike Paths and Pedestrian Lanes

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MicroCoat™ was originally formulated by our Blue Line Transport Company as a high-quality alternative to traditional seal coating products. It uses a Polymer Modified Emulsion, specially formulated to handle the various range of weather in the Pacific Northwest.

Used for seal coating, MicroCoat™ helps to extend the life of an aging or modestly damaged asphalt surface. At the same time, Blue Line can also add a special colorant to improve visibility when coating bike paths, crosswalks, and other safety lanes.

The colorant is formulated to saturate the MicroCoat™ thoroughly to resist the effects of delamination–a process where the paint chips and the underlying layers fail to match the surrounding surface. Should any chipping occur at the surface, the layers beneath will still match the original material.

Somewhat similar to Fog Seal with significant improvements, MicroCoat(TM) with colorant can extend the life of a road, while making it more aesthetically pleasing and smoothing out the rough surfaces like a chip seal.

Since MicroCoat™ was formulated to handle the diverse weather conditions of the Pacific Northwest. It has superior flexibility, allowing it to seal minor cracks in the pavement, decreasing water penetration and further damage caused by the freeze-thaw effect. It also resists re-emulsification from the application of winter de-icing salts. This further helps to extend the life of the asphalt surfaces it is applied to.

If you need a cost-effective, high-quality seal coating agent for a bike path, crosswalk or other asphalt surfaces, you can call 503-279-2600 to speak to one of the representatives at the Blue Line Transportation Company headquarters in Portland, Oregon.