MicroCoat™ Can Help Accent and Preserve Walking Paths and Bike Lanes

MicroCoat™ Can Help Accent and Preserve Walking Paths and Bike Lanes

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Today an increasing number of people use walking paths and bike lanes in their commute or as part of their daily exercise routine. These smaller thoroughfares can sometimes be close to larger roads and high traffic areas. Accenting them and preserving their long-term integrity can both save money and improve overall safety.

To answer these important factors Blue Line Transportation Company is proud to offer our MicroCoat™ as a high-quality alternative to traditional seal coating products. It has been specially formulated from a Polymer Modified Emulsion that is designed to endure the caprices of weather as well as wear related to high traffic.

When it is applied to a paved surface the MicroCoat™ helps to extend its life. When necessary Blue Line can also include a special colorant component to accent or improve visibility. It can be especially helpful for a crosswalk on a busy road.

The color additive helps the MicroCoat™ surface to resist the effects of delamination which can help prevent paint chips and disassociation of the lower layers. If the upper layers do experience some long-term wear, the layers beneath will still match the original material.

MicroCoat™ has been specially formulated for superior flexibility which allows it to seal minor cracks in a paved surface to help minimize water penetration. The sealed surface better resists long-term damage related to the seasonal freeze-thaw effect.

If you need a cost-effective, high-quality seal coating for a paved bike lane or walking path, you should call 503-279-2600 to speak to one of the representatives at the Blue Line Transportation Company headquarters in Portland, Oregon.