Environmentally Safe Alternative to Magnesium Chloride

Environmentally Safe Alternative to Magnesium Chloride

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Blue Line Transportation Co. is a proud distributor of the EnviRoad Earthbind product line. Because of the possible dangers magnesium and calcium chlorides have, many cities, counties, and municipalities now quest for a safer and more environmentally friendly option for road care. That is why Earthbind has now become a perfect option and alternative to using magnesium and calcium chlorides.

Earthbind works by binding loose soil or aggregate particles together, strengthening the soil/aggregate matrix and preventing even the smallest particles from becoming airborne as fugitive dust. When comparing calcium or magnesium chloride to Earthbind, you will see many positive influences and benefits Earthbind provides over the alternative, which are:

o Earthbind does not wash off with rainwater as chlorides do.
o Earthbind does not get sloppy or slippery under wet conditions as chlorides do.
o Earthbind weighs 23-28 percent less than calcium or magnesium chloride, reducing shipping costs and storage requirements.
o Earthbind does not attract animals to the road. Some animals may be attracted to the salts in chloride-treated roads. Larger mammals attracted to a road can be traffic hazards.
o And many more!

Blue Line Transportation Co. ships and applies Earthbind in Oregon and Washington and ships throughout the Western United States. If you are interested in finding an environmentally friendly option for your roads, please call us at 503-279-2600 today and talk to our road and soil experts. We care for a healthy environment and strive for safe roads, no matter where you may be traveling to.