EBS-RA Is a Cost-Effective Alternative Paving Solution

EBS-RA Is a Cost-Effective Alternative Paving Solution

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Wouldn’t it be nice to cut the cost of your paving projects while also reducing your environmental footprint? Well, at Blue Line Road Products we think we can help. With Earthbind Base Stabilization Rejuvenating Asphalt (EBS-RA), you can do both of those things without losing out on quality.

EBS-RA is a polymer modified asphalt emulsion that can replace VOC modified emulsion-based asphalts. It is meant for use in cold mix paving, which gives you cost advantages. With hot mix paving, clean rock needs to be used, but cold mix paving allows the use of dirty rock that can be much cheaper to obtain. This includes 100% recycled asphalt pavement and crusher reject rock.

Being environmentally responsible is more important than ever. That is why EBS-RA is free of substances that can harm the environment, animals, and humans. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, can be quite dangerous to people as well as animals. They are linked to a number of maladies ranging from mild irritation to dizziness and nausea to organ damage. EBS-RA is also non-flammable and non-corrosive to metal, so your equipment can last longer.

EBS-RA is versatile enough to be used in applications anywhere from rural counties on a tight budget to large scale reclamation projects and state highway department developments. It offers top-quality cohesion and compaction while reducing environmental impact and helping out your bottom line. If you are interested in learning what EBS-RA can do for your operation, please give Blue Line Road Products a call at 503-279-2600 today.