Earthbind® Stabilizer Offers Cost-Effective Maintenance for an Unpaved Roadbed

Earthbind® Stabilizer Offers Cost-Effective Maintenance for an Unpaved Roadbed

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Unpaved roads are often composed of an aggregate mixture of gravel, rock, sand, local soils and other small particles. The change of seasons and local weather can often alter the relationship between these materials leading to problems with fugitive dust and roadbed degradation.

An unpaved road that develops a washboard effect, significant potholes, ruts and shoulder erosion can prove hazardous to local traffic. At the same time vehicles that frequently travel on a degraded roadbed tend to suffer damage from excess wear and tear.

Here at Blue Line Transportation Company, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, we are proud to offer a line of cost-effective road treatments to address dust control issues and unpaved roadbed degradation.

Our Earthbind® Stabilizer was specifically formulated for easy application and safe storage. It can be held in its concentrated form which takes up significantly less space than other dust-control agents. It is non-corrosive which will save you money with regular maintenance of storage tanks, application equipment and vehicles.

Once it has been applied and cured, Earthbind® Stabilizer forms a matrix between the various aggregates and small particles in the roadbed to reduce problems with fugitive dust and surface degradation. Since it isn’t water soluble local rain will not easily wash Earthbind® Stabilizer away.

Even after a long period of time, a residual amount of Earthbind® Stabilizer will remain in the roadbed which reduces reapplication costs.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of Earthbind® Stabilizer, you can call 503-279-2600 to speak to a representative at Blue Line Transportation Company.