Earthbind® Prime Coat Is an Effective Alternative to the Use of Volatile Organic Compounds

Earthbind® Prime Coat Is an Effective Alternative to the Use of Volatile Organic Compounds

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As cities, counties and HOAs move to pave a previously unpaved road, prepping the road to ensure an excellent road bed and adhesion of the new road is paramount. A weak or otherwise compromised roadbed with the loose aggregate material can complicate the paving process and shorten the lifespan of the paved road.

In the future, this could increase repair and maintenance costs on the final paved road. The asphalt can also become prone to the cracks, potholes, and other damage, lowering motorist satisfaction. In the long term, it might also require additional milling and repaving of the roadbed sooner than originally anticipated.

Forming a stable matrix of aggregate rock and soil particles create a firm roadbed that will be more receptive to the paving process and minimize future complications. In the past, some paving companies would use volatile organic compounds that had a reputation for not being ecologically friendly.

To answer concerns with increased environmental regulations and create a cost-effective base stabilization agent, Blue Line Transportation Company can provide Earthbind® Prime Coat.

This specially modified biopolymer base will bind loose soil particles with aggregate materials in a non-water soluble matrix. This can be a significant benefit for paving projects in a location that is forecasted to receive inclement weather.

Earthbind® Prime Coat is also cost effective, as it can be stored and transported in a concentration. This helps to save space and fuel costs. It can be diluted with water to the required concentration ratio shortly before application.

If you operate a municipality or road construction company and you need a cost effective alternative to VOC’s you should call 503-279-2600 to speak to a representative at Blue Line Transportation Company.