Earthbind® Prime Coat Is an Effective Alternative to Asphalt Products that Contain VOC’s

Earthbind® Prime Coat Is an Effective Alternative to Asphalt Products that Contain VOC’s

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Stabilizing an unpaved roadbed is important both in maintaining strength and stability, while also reducing fugitive dust problems. In the past, many road construction and road maintenance operations relied on the use of traditional asphalt products that contained volatile organic compounds. These products may no longer be allowed due to environmental concerns.

Unfortunately, applying products that contain VOC’s to an unpaved roadbed also requires temporary road closures. Technicians are also required to take various safety measures when preparing and applying these products due to the VOC’s.

At the same time, VOC’s also have a reputation for not being environmentally friendly. This requires special oversight and regulations which can also increase the time it takes to effectively treat an unpaved roadbed.

To effectively answer these concerns Blue Line Transportation Company offers Earthbind® Prime Coat, as an environmentally sound alternative to the use of asphalt products that contain VOC’s.

Earthbind is specially formulated to bind with loose soil and aggregate particles in the unpaved roadbed. This creates a bonded matrix that helps prevent small particles from developing into fugitive dust. In addition, Earthbind improves the roads water resistance and the cured matrix will not re-solubilize in rainwater.

Earthbind can be stored and transported in a concentrated liquid form to further reduce overhead costs. Earthbind also does not require the significant safety measures associated with the use of products that contain VOC’s.

If you are looking for an ecologically friendly and cost-effective option for stabilizing an unpaved roadbed, you should call 503-279-2600 to speak to one of the representatives at Blue Line Transportation Company.