Earthbind® Is a Cost-Effective Alternative to Lignin for Dust Control

Earthbind® Is a Cost-Effective Alternative to Lignin for Dust Control

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Lignosulfonates, more commonly known as lignin, are often used for dust control on unpaved roads. Lignin is a chemical formation found in trees and other plants to provide structure, and is a common waste product sold by the wood pulp processing industry. While it might help to improve their profit margins, the application of lignin can cause some serious problems for the environment, as well as your bottom line.

The main problem with lignin is that it is water soluble, and heavy rain throughout the season can wash it off the road surface and into local watersheds. This necessitates successive applications with a large volume of product used.

Earthbind® is an environmentally-friendly alternative. It is a non-hydroscopic modified biopolymer, and won’t wash away in heavy rains like lignosulfonates. A residual amount of Earthbind will remain in the road surface, so you will have to use less every season to achieve the same results.

Lignin is known to be chemically corrosive. As a result, it slowly causes damage to storage tanks and application hardware. Earthbind is not chemically corrosive, allowing you to save on maintenance and repair costs. In addition, Earthbind takes up to 20% less volume in concentrate, saving you a significant amount of money in storage and transportation costs. This also allows you to use your vehicles and equipment more efficiently, without having to dedicate them to regular upkeep of unpaved roads.

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