Earthbind® 100 Can Help Control Dust on Winter Roads

Earthbind® 100 Can Help Control Dust on Winter Roads

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While wintertime is often thought of as a time of sleet, snow, and rain, it can also bring excessively dry conditions to certain parts of the country. This can have a dramatic effect on unpaved roads, causing fugitive dust particles to enter the air, leading to health and safety problems.

In the past, chloride-based dust control agents were used to address these issues. However, in recent years government regulations and many companies have become more conscious of the ecological impact of these agents.

Even after the dust has been mitigated new safety issues can arise, as the mineral content of chloride-based agents can draw local wildlife to the unpaved road. When precipitation does come these corrosive chemicals can also start to runoff causing pollution concerns in the local watersheds.

To address these concerns, Blue Line Transportation Company can provide the EnviRoad® Earthbind® 100 dust control agents. It is based on ecologically-friendly bio-polymer. Once it has been applied to an unpaved roadbed and allowed to cure it forms a matrix with a small dust particles, gravel, and other aggregate materials. This matrix is non-corrosive and will not be water soluble.

Earthbind® 100 also improves cost effectiveness, as it can be stored and transported in its concentrated form. It can then be diluted to the appropriate ratio at the application site. The level of dilution called for might vary depending on the specific character of the unpaved roadbed.

The most common ratio calls for mixing four parts for every one part of Earthbind® 100 concentrate. The specific number of applications is designed to achieve a total of ½-gallons to ¾-gallons of product solution per square yard. If you need help controlling dust on unpaved roads this winter, you should call Blue Line Transportation Company’s home office in Portland Oregon at 503-279-2600.