Earthbind® 100 Can Be Far More Efficient for Dust Control than a Water Truck

Earthbind® 100 Can Be Far More Efficient for Dust Control than a Water Truck

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In the early years of road construction and road maintenance, spraying water and other improvised agents on a roadbed was seen as a standard practice for controlling fugitive dust particles. In extremely dry locations or during a prolonged drought, this could mean daily if not multiple trips each day for a water truck. This can tie up the necessary equipment and man hours that would be better served at other locations and operations. In response, some road maintenance entities turned to magnesium and calcium chloride dust control agents.

However, these chemicals are fraught with their own drawbacks. The corrosive nature of the liquids increases maintenance time and the risk of job-related injuries. Even after application, roadbeds modified by these agents tended to draw wildlife as well as scrutiny from Government agencies with tightening environmental restrictions.

To address these needs, Blue Line Transportation Company’s partner Enviroad® developed Earthbind® 100. This is a modified biopolymer that can be stored and shipped in concentration. It is non-corrosive, reducing maintenance cost and the need for special protective equipment.

Further adding to its feasibility, Earthbind® 100 is not water soluble when cured. This means it stays in the unpaved roadbed for longer, reducing transportation and reapplication costs as well as giving you the opportunity to redirect man hours.

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