Dust Control and Base Stabilization Are Important in Maintaining Unpaved Roads

Dust Control and Base Stabilization Are Important in Maintaining Unpaved Roads

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If you operate a rural municipality or county road maintenance department, then you likely have annual concerns about the maintenance of unpaved roads. Roadbed erosion, washboarding, potholes, eroded berms, and dust control problems can cost excessive man hours and equipment maintenance costs.

In recent years, environmental regulations and public opinion have started to frown on the use of chloride-based dust control agents. These outdated measures often wash out, polluting local watersheds, attracting wildlife to the roads, and being inefficient in the long-term.

Fortunately, Blue Line Transportation Company offers a few simple solutions to these important issues by supplying and applying EnviRoad® road maintenance products.

Earthbind® 100 is a modified biopolymer designed to trap fugitive dust particles in the road bed for an ecologically friendly dust control method. Earthbind® Stabilizer helps stabilize roadbeds, forming a matrix of small particles and aggregate material to strengthen the roadbed, reducing erosion and washboarding problems.

Once we have applied them and the requisite curing time has passed, Earthbind® 100 and Earthbind® Stabilizer will not be water soluble. This means they will remain in the roadbed far longer than chloride-based products. In the long-term, this will also save you regular maintenance and reapplication costs.

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