Dedicated Trucks Ensure High-Grade Purity of Fuels

Dedicated Trucks Ensure High-Grade Purity of Fuels

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Blue Line Transportation Company and our wholly owned subsidiary, Cascade Petroleum Transportation Incorporated, specialize in bulk transportation of fuels such as gasoline, diesel, AVgas and high grade jet fuel. While some other bulk fuel transportation companies might give in to the temptation to use their tanker trucks universally, the Blue Line Transportation Company only uses specified and dedicated refined tankers for the transportation of bulk fuels.

By using dedicated tankers, Blue Line Transportation ensures there is no mixing of residual fuels from a previous load. This minimizes any cross contamination of fuels from residuals from other loads. Our fleet of tanker trucks is routinely inspected and meticulously maintained – keeping down time at a minimum and provide timely delivery of bulk fuels.

Our customer service personnel are highly trained to be able to answer your questions and they are dedicated to maintaining the kind of delivery scheduling our clients need for continuous and uninterrupted operation.

If have questions about our gasoline, diesel, AVgas, or high grade jet fuel bulk transportation, please feel free to call Blue Line Transportation Company or Cascade Petroleum Transportation, Incorporated, at 503-279-2600. We look forward to helping you meet your bulk fuel transportation needs.