Custom-Mix Design Incorporates Many Factors

Custom-Mix Design Incorporates Many Factors

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Based out of Portland, Oregon, Blue Line Transportation offers a wide variety of services and products to road construction companies throughout the Pacific Northwest. We understand that no two road construction projects are alike. To rise to this challenge, we offer custom-mix designs of asphalt emulsions to meet the needs of your particular project.

In some cases, this might call for using larger aggregate, or a higher percentage of RAP. These ratios can be adjusted to match local conditions, the road base, and anticipated traffic flow. All of our distributer trucks have been installed with BearCat Computerized Rate Control systems, which allows for accurate application rates for all of our asphalt products.

We understand that mix temperature is dependent on the grade of asphalt used in the custom-design mix. Low viscosity asphalt requires lower temperatures, while highly viscous asphalt requires higher temperatures.

At the start of the custom-design mix process, we discuss your project variables and specify a target temperature for proper mixing and compaction. We take into account factors such as the forecasted local weather, materials being used, as well as projected hauling distances.

All of our distributor trucks have been equipped with heaters that keep the product at the correct temperature needed for the specific application. This ensures that all custom-design mix asphalt arrives at your jobsite ready at the correct temperature for application.

If you would like to know more about how Blue Line Transportation can meet your asphalt emulsion needs, call our office at 503-279-2600.