Custom Mix Design for Asphalt with Specific Needs

Custom Mix Design for Asphalt with Specific Needs

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Blue Line Transportation Company has been proud to offer bulk transportation, fuel transportation, asphalt products and other services throughout the Pacific Northwest for over four decades. Based out of Portland, Oregon, we understand the wildly changing conditions and terrain throughout the region.

Through our recently expanded asphalt manufacturing plant and AASHTO accredited lab, we can offer a wide range of asphalt products including various paving grades as well as custom mix design asphalt.

This allows us to meet the needs of any paving project, especially those with specific concerns. We are able to address a road a mountainous region that receives excessive seasonal rain, a parking lot with a sandy base, or any other local conditions. If necessary, the custom mix design process can incorporate larger aggregate material or a higher percentage of reclaimed asphalt pavement. These ratios can be adjusted to accommodate local conditions, as well as changes in the roadbed or to suit a location prone to increased traffic flow.

Our distribution trucks feature state-of-the-art Bearcat Computerized Rate Control systems. This allows for accurate application rates for all of our asphalt products. When formulating the custom mix we set a target temperature for proper mixing and compaction. This also includes factors such as the forecasted local weather and estimated hauling distances. Our distributor trucks have also been equipped with special heaters that keep the asphalt product at the target temperature required for the specific application. This ensures that the asphalt product arrives at your job site ready to use.

If you would like to know more about how Blue Line Transport Company can meet your asphalt needs, you should call our office at 503-279-2600 to speak to one of the representatives at our headquarters in Portland, Oregon. We will be happy to serve you!