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As cold temperatures and winter weather start to give way to spring and summer many operations throughout the Pacific Northwest embrace the frenetic pace of peak season. This is especially true for road construction companies, mining operations, fire operations and municipal maintenance crews.

At the same time, most of the necessary vehicles used in these operations run on gasoline or diesel fuels. Some operations also need jet fuel and AV-Gas. Providing these fuels to remote locations or mobile operations require the infrastructure of an experienced transportation company like Blue Line Transportation Company.

Along with our wholly owned subsidiary, Cascade Petroleum Transportation we have been providing fuels throughout the Pacific Northwest region since 2001. We maintain a large inventory which prevents significant delays.

Our transportation tankers and storage tanks are dedicated to one specific fuel type and grade. This ensures that there are no cross contamination issues in the fuels we provide to your location.

The customer service staff at Blue Line Transportation Company’s headquarters in Portland, Oregon, understand how important consistent scheduling is to your operation. We can work with you to understand your fuel needs to keep your fleet of vehicles and equipment running throughout the season.

If you need fuel transportation services in the Pacific Northwest, you should call our office at 503-279-2600 to speak to one of Blue Line Transportation Company’s representatives.