Computerized Rate Control Allows for Efficient Distribution

Computerized Rate Control Allows for Efficient Distribution

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Blue Line Transportation specializes in the manufacturing of asphalt emulsions and road dust control products. We also focus on the bulk transportation of diesel, jet fuel, and all grades of asphalt and emulsions. Our dedicated fleet of spreader trucks are available in the Northwest for dust control and asphalt emulsions for road jobs.

Each of our application trucks has been outfitted with computerized rate control technology. This allows us to apply a consistent and efficient amount of product to meet your specifications. Our expert shooters are able to keep the job site tidy and get the right amount of product where it is needed.

This can be especially effective for dust control agents on unpaved roads. Beyond traditional chloride based dust control agents, we also offer lignosulfonate and Earthbind® 100 by EnviRoad®.

Earthbind® 100 is a specially formulated modified biopolymer that has been designed to be ecologically friendly as well as cost effective. It can be stored and shipped in concentration.

Once it has been accurately applied, it will form a matrix between aggregate gravel and potential dust particles in the unpaved roadbed. After a brief curing period, Earthbind® 100 will not be water soluble. This allows more of it to remain in the roadbed, reducing maintenance costs and frequency of reapplication.

If you are in the Pacific Northwest region and you need dust control or asphalt products shipped and applied, you should call 503-279-2600 to speak to a representative at the Blue Line Transportation headquarters in Portland Oregon.