Calcium Chloride Can Help Control Dust on Unpaved Roads

Calcium Chloride Can Help Control Dust on Unpaved Roads

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Unpaved roads are often an amalgam of gravels, aggregate materials, native rocks, sand, and small soil particles. Changes in weather, dry spells, and long-term drought can cause some of the smaller particles in the unpaved road to disassociate from the roadbed.

A vehicle driving down the road, or a strong wind can turn fugitive dust particles into the air. The visible impairment can cause safety issues for passing motorists, and potentially cause respiratory problems for certain individuals.

One easy and cost-effective method for managing dust problems on an unpaved road is to have Blue Line Transportation Company provide you with calcium chloride. Once it has been applied to the unpaved roadbed its hygroscopic nature will help to draw available moisture to the road, to help bond aggregate materials and potential fugitive dust particles.

The typical application rate calls for using a half-gallon of concentrate per square yard on a pre-watered unpaved road. If necessary Blue Line Transportation Company can help apply the calcium chloride to an unpaved in the Pacific Northwest region.

If you need a cost-effective method for controlling fugitive dust on unpaved roads in your area, you should call 503-279-2600 to speak to a Blue Line Transportation Company representative about our calcium chloride.