Blueline MicroCoat™ Is a Cost-Effective Seal Coating Solution

Blueline MicroCoat™ Is a Cost-Effective Seal Coating Solution

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Over the course of the last four decades, Blue Line Transport Company has developed a reputation for delivering high-quality fuels, asphalt products and seal coating solutions all across the Pacific Northwest. For companies in search of cost-effective, high-quality seal coating solutions, we offer MicroCoat™.

It was developed in our Portland Laboratory to address common road surface issues and weather conditions specific to the Pacific Northwest. MicroCoat™ uses a polymer modified emulsion that can meet the needs of seal coating contractors with excellent cost savings.

MicroCoat™ imparts several benefits to any seal coating project.

It improves aesthetics with improved color that enhances the value of the paved surface. It also helps with winter conditions by making snow removal easier and resisting re-emulsification from deicing salts.

MicroCoat™ also helps minimize road closures since it cures in a fraction of the time of conventional sealers.

Since we control its formulation before transportation, we also offer the ability to create a custom colors and enhanced traction options for your project.

If you are a seal coating contractor operating in the Pacific Northwest and you are looking for a cost-effective seal coating solution, you should call 503-279-2600 to speak to someone at Blue Line Transport Company about our MicroCoat™ solutions and how you can become a Certified Applicator.