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Asphalt project

Portland, OR- Blue Lines Transportation, bulk commodities transportation and asphalt manufacturer, received excellent reviews from Asphalt Consulting Services for their chip seal product used for the City of Phoenix, OR. Asphalt Consulting Services was contracted to review a chip seal project in a residential neighborhood done in conjunction with Sierra Santa Fe Corporation. Skip Brown, Owner of ACS, says the following in his report:

“Over the past 20 plus years, I have been asked to supply my opinion on recently placed chip seals. There is always something I can “pick at” and usually can find considerable fault in the specifications, binder, quantities, placement practices and the resultant product. It is with distinct pleasure that I can report to you in this case that your chip seal can only be considered par excellence. I have never used that phrase before on a report…”

Blue Line’s project engineers pride themselves on working closely with customers to provide the highest performing product within the budget and specifications provided by the customer. Troy Tindall, Executive Vice President of Blue Line said:

“We take the highest care in evaluating, planning and executing every road job. Our spreader operators are trained to pay attention to details and provide our customers with a superior level of service than they are accustomed to receiving from typical suppliers. This differentiates our work from what is normally seen in the market”

Blue Line is a family owned and operated bulk commodities trucking company and manufacturer of liquid asphalt. Blue Line specializes in dust control and base stabilization transportation and application. They also haul jet fuel and AV Gas throughout Oregon and Washington. For more information check out our website

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