Blue Line Transportation Has a Fleet of Distributor Trucks Available

Blue Line Transportation Has a Fleet of Distributor Trucks Available

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Blue Line Transportation and our wholly owned subsidiary, Cascade Petroleum Transportation, Incorporated, specialize in the bulk transportation of fuels, asphalt products and dust-control agents.

If your fleet doesn’t include application equipment for things like asphalt emulsions and dust control agents, or if you are faced with a job larger than your current fleet’s capacity, please let us know. We have pressurized distributor trucks in our fleet that can be utilized to help you tackle large jobs at a very reasonable rate.

Our distribution vehicles and application equipment have state-of-the-art computerized rate controls installed. This ensures a proper and even application on the desired roadbed with a minimal amount of overspray or wasted materials. Blue Line Transportation is also connected with innovative manufacturers that offer ecological alternatives to things like base-stabilization products and dust-control agents.

All of our drivers and technicians have the education and requisite training to meet all industry standards to perform the application process to the highest professional standards.

If you would like to know more about how Blue Line Transportation can help augment your application fleet for an upcoming project, please feel free to call our home office at 503-279-2600 to set up a consultation.