Blue Line Transportation Company Provides a Wide Range of Asphalt Products

Blue Line Transportation Company Provides a Wide Range of Asphalt Products

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The Pacific Northwest is a region with varied weather conditions, climate zones, soil types and altitude changes. This can affect the characteristics of paved roads and other asphalt applications. In 2012, Blue Line Transportation Company answered these diverse needs by expanding our asphalt manufacturing plant in Portland Oregon.

This allows us to offer different paving grades for Fog Seal, Tack, Alternative paving, Base Stabilization and Prime Coat asphalt emulsions. We can supply, deliver, and apply according to the unique specifications of your paving job.

Our transport and distribution trucks include special technology to maintain the correct temperature of application. They are also equipped with Bearcat Rate Control to specifically apply the products at the correct application rate and concentration.

Our custom mix design capabilities allow us to adjust the asphalt to meet the varying specifications that are affected by terrain and climate. We can also address other factors, such as anticipated traffic load, typical soil type, aggregate, and moisture content.

Blue Line Transportation Company’s custom designed MicroCoat™ specialty road coating can be used in a wide range of applications including seal coating, bike and walking path coating and other surface treatments. Once applied, it can improve aesthetics while also protecting the pavement and improving its long term durability.

If you are in the Pacific Northwest region and you need products supplied to your road construction project, you should call 503-279-2600 to speak to a representative at the Blue Line Transportation headquarters in Portland, Oregon.