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Blue Line Transportation Company has developed a strong reputation for producing, transporting and applying quality asphalt emulsion products throughout the Pacific Northwest. In 2012, we expanded our asphalt manufacturing plant which also allows us to provide a variety of asphalt emulsions and custom mix design. Our facilities include an AASHTO accredited lab onsite to ensure the quality of our products.

We also offer MicroCoat™ Specialty Road Coating to address common road-surface issues and specific local weather conditions which can vary throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our MicroCoat™ is specially formulated from polymer emulsion for seal coating as well as protecting special surfaces such as bike paths and walkways. If necessary, it can be color accented to meet a specific need.

Our custom mix design asphalt allows us to alter specific ingredients and ratios to meet specific paving needs. It allows us to adjust the asphalt mixture to specifically match the local soil, base, projected traffic load and local weather conditions.

Blue Line Transportation Company’s asphalt transportation and application vehicles have been fitted with Computerized Rate Control Distributor, which allows our technicians to control the application rate. When necessary our distribution vehicles come equipped with heaters that keep the product at the correct temperature for the intended application.

If you have a road construction site located in the Pacific Northwest and you need quality asphalt products, you should call at 503-279-2600 to speak to a representative at Blue Line Transportation Company’s home office in Portland, Oregon.