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The Blue Line Transportation Co. has earned a long-standing reputation for producing and transporting high-quality road construction products throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our fleet also includes a large number of application vehicles and technicians who are trained in applying all of the products we offer. This can help you augment your own equipment or completely outsource to us as a subcontractor.

When it’s applicable, our bulk transportation and application vehicles have been fitted with Computerized Rate Control Distributor. This allows the technicians to control the application rate of petroleum, asphalt or dust-control agents. This level of efficient application saves money and speeds up the application process.

Temperature control is also a critical element in the transportation of many road construction products. To address this concern, we have outfitted our dedicated fleet of distribution vehicles with heaters that keep the product at the correct temperature for the given application. This can be a significant benefit for maintaining the proper condition of asphalt, seal coat, and custom design mixed asphalt.

With our manufacturing plant expansion in Portland, Oregon, we can conveniently produce and ship these products to any of your applicable job sites throughout the Pacific Northwest.

If you have a road construction site, or if you need dust control for unpaved roads throughout the Pacific Northwest, you should call Blue Line Transportation Co.’s home office in [cityy], Oregon, at 503-279-2600 to talk with a member of our sales and service staff.