Blue Line Transportation Company Can Provide Ecologically Friendly Dust Control Alternatives

Blue Line Transportation Company Can Provide Ecologically Friendly Dust Control Alternatives

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In past years, using calcium chloride and magnesium chloride dust control agents was the industry’s standard method for controlling dust on unpaved roads. Throughout the course of the 1980’s and 1990’s, government agencies and many companies became more conscious of the ecological impact of these agents.

On a practical level, they had the potential to pollute local watersheds while also drawing wildlife to the road, creating new hazards for local motorists. To address this problem, Blue Line Transportation can distribute and apply the EnviRoad® Earthbind® line of products.

This line of dust control and base stabilization agents use an ecologically friendly biopolymer. When applied to an unpaved roadbed, it forms a matrix that securely binds the small dust particles, gravel and other aggregates. Once Earthbind® has completely cured and integrated with the roadbed, it becomes insoluble with water. This effectively mitigates costs of reapplication and prolongs routine maintenance.

Earthbind® also improves cost effectiveness because it can be stored and transported in its concentrated form. When it arrives at the jobsite, it can then be diluted to the appropriate ratio and applied directly to the roadbed. The level of dilution called for might vary depending on the specific character of the unpaved roadbed.

The “typical” ratio consists of four parts water to one part of Earthbind® concentrate. This is then applied in one to three successive applications. The specific number of applications is designed to achieve a total of ½ gallons to ¾ gallons of product solution per square yard. If you have an unpaved road with unique characteristics, Blue Line Transportation Company’s soil scientists can consult with you to address specific details.

If you have an unpaved road in need of dust control or base stabilization measures, you should call Blue Line Transportation’s home office in Portland, Oregon, at 503-279-2600.