Blue Line Transportation: A History

Blue Line Transportation: A History

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Blue Line Transportation is a third-generation, family-owned-and-operated business. Sam and Doris Tindall purchased Blue Line in 1978, and it has been growing and moving with the times ever since. While Sam passed in 1984, Doris (Granny) Tindall still comes to the office every day. Her idea of retirement is being able to see her family and talk with our employees.

In the beginning, Blue Line hauled bulk commodities such as fertilizers, animal feeds and petroleum. Before the purchase of Blue Line, Sam and his sons, Benell and Charlie, did all of the hauling, and Doris ran the office and books for the original company Pelletrox. In the late ’70s, trucking was highly regulated and companies had to have the “authority” to haul inter- and intra-state. The purchase of Blue Line allowed the family to haul new products to new customers.

Blue Line has always been family focused and this includes treating employees like family. Blue Line still has an employee working today who started in 1973! Sam wanted to make sure his employees had money for retirement, so he started contributing for employees into a profit-sharing retirement account each year. This is valued by long-term employees and has been a major factor in employees being able to retire comfortably.

Over the years Blue Line Transportation has narrowed its focus to quality emulsions, liquid asphalt and refined products such as gas, diesel, and jet fuel. One significant change to our operation has been the addition of an asphalt emulsion manufacturing facility to better serve our customers and control quality.

Blue Line’s manufacturing facility was built from the ground up in 2010. We didn’t attempt to copy other emulsion manufacturing facilities. We designed and built our system with an emphasis on versatility and consistency. We wanted to meet our customer’s individual road project needs and we knew we needed the ability to make adjustments to do so. With our state-of-the-art mill, we are able to do Custom Mix Design to meet the requirements of any road project variable.

We believe our history, family values and focus on customer service makes Blue Line a great place to work and a great place to do business with.

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