Anti-Icer Can Improve Safety on Paved Surfaces in Winter

Anti-Icer Can Improve Safety on Paved Surfaces in Winter

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When winter winds howl with sleet, snow, and ice, it can cause paved surfaces to become slick and dangerous. In some instances, the conditions can be so severe that it forces road closures. In many of these situations spreading basic road salt and gravel might not prove sufficient for restoring the safe operation of a road.

Here at Blue Line Transportation Company in Portland, Oregon we offer an anti-icer that often proves to be a superior alternative to other ice control measures. It is specially formulated from a blend of magnesium chloride and modified biopolymers to create a low-corrosive, high-performance, anti-icing agent.

When applied at the correct concentration, it can be used to mitigate ice on paved roads, concrete sidewalks, loading docks, metal walkways, and other smooth surfaces. Different dilutions can be used to address a variety of conditions.

If you need to prepare an area before a forecasted snowstorm, you can apply a uniform coverage of anti-Icer at the rate of 0.5 gallons per 1,500 square feet. It can also be used to reduce existing accumulations of snow and ice by applying uniform coverage of it at the rate of 2.0 gallons per 1,500 square feet.

Anti-icer can be used for spot applications by mixing it in a simple garden sprayer or it can be professionally applied by dedicated application vehicles. If you are interested in anti-icer, you can call 503-279-2600 to speak to someone at Blue Line Transportation’s headquarters in Portland, Oregon.