Agricultural Operations Require Unpaved Road Maintenance

Agricultural Operations Require Unpaved Road Maintenance

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If you operate a farm or other large-scale agricultural interest, then you know the importance of well-maintained field and unpaved roads. The inconvenience, potential damage and downtime caused by washboard roads and fugitive dust can be a significant problem. In some cases, it could even cause interruptions during a period of peak operation.

Many operators will turn to the practice of regularly applying water to the road bed with the daily use of a water truck. While this might work during a time when seasonal rains are augmenting the effort, it can turn into a losing battle during dry conditions. The cost in man hours, fuel and operating time can even start to take a bite out of your seasonal profits.

One ecological and cost-efficient solution is to have Blue Line Transportation Company apply Earthbind® 100 dust control. This is a modified bio-polymer designed to trap fugitive dust particles in a matrix with aggregate materials in the unpaved roadbed.

Once it has cured, it will not be water soluble. This means seasonal rains will not wash it out of the roadbed, requiring less seasonal maintenance and reapplication costs. All of Blue Line’s application vehicles come with Computerized Rate Control to ensure an even and accurate application with minimal overspray.

If you have an agricultural operation in the Pacific Northwest and you need help controlling dust on field and unpaved roads, you should call 503-279-2600 to speak to one of the specialists at Blue Line’s Portland, Oregon, office.