Blue Line Transport Company Has a Long History of Transporting Asphalt Products

For over four decades, the has provided and shipped asphalt products across the Pacific Northwest. In 2012, we expanded our manufacturing capabilities to include asphalt emulsions and cold mix asphalt. Our liquid asphalt emulsion is an essential liquid asphalt mixture that is held in a water suspension. When it is applied to a prepared roadbed,… Read more »

Summertime Dust Control

Summer is here and the dry weather is great for being outdoors and going on road trips. But all this sunshine bring the challenge of controlling dust on unpaved surfaces. Fortunately, Blue Line Road Products has a variety of dust control solutions for virtually application. Dust control becomes more of an issue in the dryer… Read more »


Portland, OR June 2, 2016 – Blue Line Transportation is proud to announce another milestone in the history of the company. Continuing in their commitment to excellence, Blue Line has received ISO 9001:2008 certification in their manufacturing process for liquid asphalt emulsions and dust control products from IMSM Inc. Blue Line Transportation is already known… Read more »

Blue Line Transportation Can Also Help You With Product Application

Blue Line Transportation Company specializes in the manufacturing of asphalt products and dust control agents. We can also help you with product application in a variety of environments. We work with many counties, cities, municipalities and Home Owner’s Associations to expertly apply our road asphalt and dust control products. Our distributor trucks and application equipment… Read more »

EBS-RA Is a Cost-Effective Alternative Paving Solution

Wouldn’t it be nice to cut the cost of your paving projects while also reducing your environmental footprint? Well, at Blue Line Road Products we think we can help. With Earthbind Base Stabilization Rejuvenating Asphalt (EBS-RA), you can do both of those things without losing out on quality. EBS-RA is a polymer modified asphalt emulsion… Read more »

Earthbind® Is a Cost-Effective Alternative to Lignin for Dust Control

Lignosulfonates, more commonly known as lignin, are often used for dust control on unpaved roads. Lignin is a chemical formation found in trees and other plants to provide structure, and is a common waste product sold by the wood pulp processing industry. While it might help to improve their profit margins, the application of lignin… Read more »

Dedicated Trucks Ensure High-Grade Purity of Fuels

Blue Line Transportation Company and our wholly owned subsidiary, Cascade Petroleum Transportation Incorporated, specialize in bulk transportation of fuels such as gasoline, diesel, AVgas and high grade jet fuel. While some other bulk fuel transportation companies might give in to the temptation to use their tanker trucks universally, the Blue Line Transportation Company only uses… Read more »

Environmentally Safe Alternative to Magnesium Chloride

Blue Line Transportation Co. is a proud distributor of the EnviRoad Earthbind product line. Because of the possible dangers magnesium and calcium chlorides have, many cities, counties, and municipalities now quest for a safer and more environmentally friendly option for road care. That is why Earthbind has now become a perfect option and alternative to… Read more »

Blue Line Transportation Company for Bulk Hauling of Asphalt Materials

Blue Line Transportation specializes in bulk transportation of asphalt materials and through hit’s subsidiary, Cascade Petroleum Transportation haul diesel, gasoline and AV Gas. We have a dedicated team capable of hauling 35-ton loads in insulated tanker equipment. The refined tanker fleet can haul loads in excess of 10,000 gallons. Blue Line’s manufacturing facility was designed… Read more »

Blue Line’s Chip Seal Project for City of Phoenix, OR, Given Highest Accolades by Asphalt Consulting Services

Portland, OR- Blue Lines Transportation, bulk commodities transportation and asphalt manufacturer, received excellent reviews from Asphalt Consulting Services for their chip seal product used for the City of Phoenix, OR. Asphalt Consulting Services was contracted to review a chip seal project in a residential neighborhood done in conjunction with Sierra Santa Fe Corporation. Skip Brown,… Read more »