Blue Line Transportation Company Produces, Transports, and Applies a Wide Range of Road Construction Products

The has earned a long-standing reputation for producing and transporting high-quality road construction products throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our fleet also includes a large number of application vehicles and technicians who are trained in applying all of the products we offer. This can help you augment your own equipment or completely outsource to us as… Read more »

Blue Line Transportation Company Can Provide Base Stabilizers for Unpaved Roadbeds

Unpaved aggregate roadbeds can develop subtle changes related to weather, season and frequency of use. Frequent rain events promote roadbed erosion. On the other end of the spectrum, dry conditions can allow dust particulate to become airborne, creating threats to vehicular safety and respiratory health. offers base stabilization products like Earthbind® Stabilizer and Earthbind® Prime… Read more »

Blue Line Transportation Company Offers a Variety of Dust Control Products

For over four decades, [Practice_name] has provided and shipped asphalt products all across the Pacific Northwest. This includes a wide variety of dust control products for treating unpaved roadbeds. The dust generated by the passage of traffic on unpaved roads leads directly to road deterioration and sediment run-off, and can also pose other ecological threats… Read more »

Blue Line Welcomes New Technical Director: Andrew Clayton!

Portland, OR, October 25, 2016– Blue Line Transportation, bulk commodities transportation and asphalt manufacturer, announced today the hiring of C. Andrew Clayton as Technical Director. “I am excited to join such a great organization that focuses on producing a quality product and delivering excellent customer service,” said Clayton. “I know my years of technical manufacturing… Read more »

Blue Line Transportation Company Specializes in Bulk Transport of Petroleum and Asphalt Products

and our subsidiary, Cascade Petroleum Transportation, have a long established reputation in the Pacific Northwest for meeting our clients’ bulk transportation needs for fuel, petroleum and asphalt products. We take pride in our customer service and the high quality of our equipment speaks to that fact. The tanker trucks and equipment in our asphalt fleet… Read more »

Custom-Mix Design Incorporates Many Factors

Based out of , , offers a wide variety of services and products to road construction companies throughout the Pacific Northwest. We understand that no two road construction projects are alike. To rise to this challenge, we offer custom-mix designs of asphalt emulsions to meet the needs of your particular project. In some cases, this… Read more »

Blue Line Transportation Has a Fleet of Distributor Trucks Available

and our wholly owned subsidiary, Cascade Petroleum Transportation, Incorporated, specialize in the bulk transportation of fuels, asphalt products and dust-control agents. If your fleet doesn’t include application equipment for things like asphalt emulsions and dust control agents, or if you are faced with a job larger than your current fleet’s capacity, please let us know…. Read more »

Blue Line Transport Company Has a Long History of Transporting Asphalt Products

For over four decades, the has provided and shipped asphalt products across the Pacific Northwest. In 2012, we expanded our manufacturing capabilities to include asphalt emulsions and cold mix asphalt. Our liquid asphalt emulsion is an essential liquid asphalt mixture that is held in a water suspension. When it is applied to a prepared roadbed,… Read more »

Summertime Dust Control

Summer is here and the dry weather is great for being outdoors and going on road trips. But all this sunshine bring the challenge of controlling dust on unpaved surfaces. Fortunately, Blue Line Road Products has a variety of dust control solutions for virtually application. Dust control becomes more of an issue in the dryer… Read more »


Portland, OR June 2, 2016 – Blue Line Transportation is proud to announce another milestone in the history of the company. Continuing in their commitment to excellence, Blue Line has received ISO 9001:2008 certification in their manufacturing process for liquid asphalt emulsions and dust control products from IMSM Inc. Blue Line Transportation is already known… Read more »