Calcium Chloride Can Help Control Dust on Unpaved Roads

Unpaved roads are often an amalgam of gravels, aggregate materials, native rocks, sand, and small soil particles. Changes in weather, dry spells, and long-term drought can cause some of the smaller particles in the unpaved road to disassociate from the roadbed. A vehicle driving down the road, or a strong... Read more »

Dedicated Tankers Ensure Fuel Purity During Transportation

Diesel, aviation fuel, and gasoline play a critical role in many sectors of the transportation industry. They can be even more essential for remote construction sites, mines, and operations that rely on storing fuel for site operations. Blue Line Transportation Company and their subsidiary Cascade Petroleum Transportation have a strong... Read more »

Earthbind® 100 Can Help Control Dust on Winter Roads

While wintertime is often thought of as a time of sleet, snow, and rain, it can also bring excessively dry conditions to certain parts of the country. This can have a dramatic effect on unpaved roads, causing fugitive dust particles to enter the air, leading to health and safety problems.... Read more »

Our Professional Truck Repair and Maintenance Can Help Ensure Smooth Operation

Trucks, equipment, and vehicles play a wide range of roles in many road construction, transportation, and municipal operations throughout the country and the Pacific Northwest. Maintaining a truck or vehicle can be very important to the smooth flow of a project. When a truck is out of service, it can... Read more »

Diesel and Gasoline Transportation Can Help Maintain Remote Operations

Diesel fuel and gasoline are often the lifeblood of many road construction projects. Some locations and large operations in the Pacific Northwest require onsite storage and distribution tanks to maintain an efficient flow of operations for vehicles, generators, and equipment. To answer this very important need, Blue Line Transportation can... Read more »

Blue Line Transportation Company Provides a Wide Range of Asphalt Products

The Pacific Northwest is a region with varied weather conditions, climate zones, soil types and altitude changes. This can affect the characteristics of paved roads and other asphalt applications. In 2012, Blue Line Transportation Company answered these diverse needs by expanding our asphalt manufacturing plant in Portland Oregon. This allows... Read more »

Computerized Rate Control Allows for Efficient Distribution

Blue Line Transportation specializes in the manufacturing of asphalt emulsions and road dust control products. We also focus on the bulk transportation of diesel, jet fuel, and all grades of asphalt and emulsions. Our dedicated fleet of spreader trucks are available in the Northwest for dust control and asphalt emulsions... Read more »

Earthbind® Prime Coat Is an Effective Alternative to the Use of Volatile Organic Compounds

As cities, counties and HOAs move to pave a previously unpaved road, prepping the road to ensure an excellent road bed and adhesion of the new road is paramount. A weak or otherwise compromised roadbed with the loose aggregate material can complicate the paving process and shorten the lifespan of... Read more »

Earthbind® 100 Can Be Far More Efficient for Dust Control than a Water Truck

In the early years of road construction and road maintenance, spraying water and other improvised agents on a roadbed was seen as a standard practice for controlling fugitive dust particles. In extremely dry locations or during a prolonged drought, this could mean daily if not multiple trips each day for... Read more »

Expanded Manufacturing Capability Allows Us to Provide Asphalt Emulsions and Cold Mix

The summer season in the Pacific Northwest can sometimes be fleeting. The time after spring road restrictions are lifted and the end of the construction season can sometimes be short. At the same time, local weather can also cause delays and other complications that affect your deadline. In 2012, to... Read more »