Consistent Gasoline, AV-Gas and Diesel Distribution Helps Minimize Downtime During Peak Season

As cold temperatures and winter weather start to give way to spring and summer many operations throughout the Pacific Northwest embrace the frenetic pace of peak season. This is especially true for road construction companies, mining operations, fire operations and municipal maintenance crews. At the same time, most of the... Read more »

Using Asphalt Emulsion as a Pavement Sealer

As time goes on even a high-quality area of pavement can suffer cracks and damage. This is often related to seasonal changes in local weather and temperature. With some older roads, it could also be related to subsoil changes in the stability of previously developed roadbed. In many of these... Read more »

Earthbind®, the Water Resistant Alternative for Dust Control

Dust palliatives are used to control fugitive dust originating from unpaved surfaces. There are dozens of types and brands of dust palliatives. The most common types range from plain water, surfactants, chlorides, synthetic polymers, vegetable oils (soybean oil, sugar beet oil), bentonite clays, lignosulfonates, paraffinic (mineral) oils, petroleum resins, engineered... Read more »

Custom Mix Design for Asphalt with Specific Needs

Blue Line Transportation Company has been proud to offer bulk transportation, fuel transportation, asphalt products and other services throughout the Pacific Northwest for over four decades. Based out of Portland, Oregon, we understand the wildly changing conditions and terrain throughout the region. Through our recently expanded asphalt manufacturing plant and... Read more »

Earthbind®, the Environmentally-Friendly Alternative to Chlorides for Dust Control

Magnesium and calcium chloride are commonly used as a dust suppressant agent on unpaved roads in the western parts of the United States during the spring and summer. Likewise, chlorides are used extensively for deicing/anti-icing on paved roads during the winter. Chlorides are often used as a dust control agent... Read more »

Maintaining and Repairing Equipment Can Reduce Downtime

Having a truck, transportation vehicle, or other pieces of equipment break down can have a profound effect on any operation. This can prove to be exceedingly frustrating if it happens during peak season, or the vehicle in question played an important role in an ongoing project. If you don’t have... Read more »

Earthbind® Prime Coat Is an Effective Alternative to Asphalt Products that Contain VOC’s

Stabilizing an unpaved roadbed is important both in maintaining strength and stability, while also reducing fugitive dust problems. In the past, many road construction and road maintenance operations relied on the use of traditional asphalt products that contained volatile organic compounds. These products may no longer be allowed due to... Read more »

Anti-Icer Can Improve Safety on Paved Surfaces in Winter

When winter winds howl with sleet, snow, and ice, it can cause paved surfaces to become slick and dangerous. In some instances, the conditions can be so severe that it forces road closures. In many of these situations spreading basic road salt and gravel might not prove sufficient for restoring... Read more »

The Harmful Effects of Unpaved Roads being a Non-Point Source of Sediment Pollution

Fugitive dust emanating from an unpaved road is widely known as being a costly nuisance. However, many people are not aware that the same small soil/aggregate particles responsible for the dust can also be a major source of stream sedimentation. This can be detrimental to adjacent trout and salmon streams.... Read more »

Magnesium Chloride Can Control Dust More Effectively Than a Water Truck

Unpaved roads are commonly seen in rural areas, remote locations, construction sites, and mining operations throughout the Pacific Northwest. These roadbeds often consist of various gravels, local rocks, sand, and small soil particles. When vehicles and equipment are moved across these unpaved roadbeds in dry conditions it can create a... Read more »