Portland, OR October 1, 2018– Blue Line Transportation, bulk commodities transportation and asphalt manufacturer, announced today the hiring of Stephen Olsen as Account and Field Operations Manager. “I am excited to join such a great organization that focuses on producing a quality product and delivering excellent customer service,” said Olsen. “I know my years of… Read more »

Tank Cleaning Helps Prepare for Winter or Get Ready for Spring

Throughout the Pacific Northwest road construction companies, municipal systems, mines and gravel pits rely on bulk storage tanks to hold a variety of products. As the peak season of summer wears on these tanks might be used to hold fuel, dust control measures, and asphalt products as well as other industrial materials. Here at Blue… Read more »

ISO 9001:2015 Certified!

We are pleased to announce that both EnviRoad and Blue Line Transportation have received ISO 9001:2015 certification. This certification was awarded to our companies by QAS International Ltd., an established certification company that focuses on ISO standards. This foundation awards those who have gained the trust and confidence of customers and relative business partners. These… Read more »

Treating an Industrial Yard for Dust Control using Earthbind® 100

Treating a heavily-used industrial yard for dust control can be very challenging. The challenge can be due to all the heavy truck traffic and heavy-duty forklifts turning and churning the unpaved surface material and creating “new” material. This grinding can also grind down any topically applied dust control product. Generally, to treat an industrial yard… Read more »

Problems With Winter Snow and Ice Can Be Minimized by Anti-Icer

Every year the axis of the Earth tilts slightly to alter the angle of the sun’s light while also limiting the amount of sunlight that reaches the Northern Hemisphere. As cold winds and autumnal changes sweep the land many businesses and communities brace for inevitable winter weather. In more northern climes this often means winter… Read more »

Bulk Transportation for Your Fuel Products

With such large quantities of different fuel products, the thought of managing transportation to your location can be overwhelming. Here at Blue Line Transportation, we work with our sister company, Cascade Petroleum Transportation, to provide fuel transportation services. Our fleet has dedicated tankers for AV Gas, Jet Fuel, Diesel and gas. Located in both Portland… Read more »

Application Equipment for Dust Control Using Earthbind®100

Often, customers ask if they can apply our product themselves for topical dust control. Many times the customer already has or has access to the proper equipment. However, there are common cases where they do not. The following is a brief overview of the recommended application equipment for the application of Earthbind® 100 for topical… Read more »

MicroCoat™ Can Help Accent and Preserve Walking Paths and Bike Lanes

Today an increasing number of people use walking paths and bike lanes in their commute or as part of their daily exercise routine. These smaller thoroughfares can sometimes be close to larger roads and high traffic areas. Accenting them and preserving their long-term integrity can both save money and improve overall safety. To answer these… Read more »

Mill and Fill and Chip Seal Paving Systems

Older paved surfaces that have suffered excess damage, or degradation from seasonal weather and traffic wear, often need to be repaved to some degree. In many of these situations, the underlying roadbed may still be structurally sound, making mill and fill or chip seal paving a cost-efficient option. Here at Blue Line Transportation Company headquartered… Read more »

Earthbind® Stabilizer Offers Cost-Effective Maintenance for an Unpaved Roadbed

Unpaved roads are often composed of an aggregate mixture of gravel, rock, sand, local soils and other small particles. The change of seasons and local weather can often alter the relationship between these materials leading to problems with fugitive dust and roadbed degradation. An unpaved road that develops a washboard effect, significant potholes, ruts and… Read more »