Earthbind vs. Water for Dust Control

Plain water is often used to control fugitive dust from unpaved roads since it is thought to be a cheap and simple approach to dust suppression. However, contrary to belief, using water by itself may prove to be very temporary, inefficient and in many cases futile. In fact, there can... Read more »

Repair Damaged Roads With Mill and Fill and MicroCoat

Preserving pavement is necessary for long-lasting roads that don't require costly repairs in the future. With regular mill-and-fill treatments, the lifecycle of your roads will last much longer than if just left to deteriorate. Blue Line Transportation Company provides the needed asphalt products and transportation of this inventory throughout the... Read more »

Quick and Easy Access to Oils and Fuels

Spring is officially here, whether it's still snowing in different parts of the country or not. As roads clear of snow and are hit with fresh rain, the frantic pace of everyone gets ready for the year's busiest time for travel, transportation and construction. Blue Line Transportation Company has been... Read more »

Road Recovery Winter Impact with MicroCoat®

Blue Line Transportation Co. is committed to ensuring the safe transportation of your products and has done so for over 40 years. In 2012, we expanded our services at our plant to include the manufacturing of high quality asphalt emulsions. With the winter season over, your roads are sure to... Read more »

Two Popular Application Methods for Dust Control Using Earthbind® 100

Earthbind®100 is a quality and environmentally-friendly biopolymer modified asphalt emulsion that is specifically engineered to be a highly-effective dust control product. Earthbind®100 is shipped in a liquid concentrated form and is diluted with water for application. For dust control, the Earthbind solution is then applied to the unpaved surface and... Read more »

Blue Line: Recognized by the AASHTO Accreditation Program

Blue Line Transportation Co. has been in business and manufacturing products for over 60 years and has been formally recognized by the AASHTO Accreditation Program (AAP) since 2017. We have been a transportation corporation for bulk commodities through three generations with a focus on excellent customer service. Built with the... Read more »

Why You Need to Say No to H2O

While water may seem like an answer to dust control, it’s not the best when considering long-term solutions. Dust control is something we’ve been dealing for years, decreasing visibility and causing havoc on ecosystems when a non-environmentally friendly solution is used. It can be a nightmare for companies trying to... Read more »

Example Procedure for Dust Control on an Active Mine Haul Road using Earthbind® 100

There are various ways Earthbind®100 can be used to manage fugitive dust on an active mine haul road. A common method consists of applying Earthbind® in two phases. This is generally referred to as the “base course phase” and the “maintenance phase”. To begin with, the base course phase is... Read more »

Earthbind® vs. Asphalt Cutbacks for Dust Control and Stabilization

Earthbind® products are considered to be environmentally-friendly, bio-based modified asphalt emulsions and are designed to control fugitive dust (Earthbind® 100), stabilize road base materials (Earthbind® Stabilizer), and to recycle reclaimed asphalt pavement and alternative paving (Earthbind® EBS-RA). Background – Asphalt Cutbacks Certain asphalt cutbacks have been formally or currently (in... Read more »

Winter Off-Season: The Best Time for Services, Tank Repairs and Fabrications

Here at Blue Line Transportation Co., we are committed to getting you on the road and staying there. We know with all the work you need to get done next season, you need your vehicles and equipment to be at its best in order to get projects done. Truck Services... Read more »